CONCERN's Provider Panel

CONCERN maintains a national network of skilled and experienced counselors who provide the highest quality clinical services to employees and their dependents. The excellence of our service is assured by selecting the most experienced counselors for our panel and by ongoing quality assurance procedures.


All providers who meet CONCERN's screening criteria complete a rigorous recruitment process that involves an in-depth interview and reference checks. Once verification of experience and credentials is completed, providers are oriented to CONCERN's policies and procedures. All new providers are mentored on their first cases and their clinical services are continually reviewed through our quality assurance process. CONCERN's clinical managers, licensed clinicians with 20 to 30 years in this field, are always available for ongoing consultation with providers.


CONCERN maintains the highest standards for our provider network. Approximately 85% of our providers have twelve or more years of clinical experience. Their strong loyalty to CONCERN is demonstrated by the fact that many have been on our provider panel for ten or more years.

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